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Creation Study Center Report 2016–2020

We provide resources to churches, schools, pastors, teachers and laymen that support a Biblical view of creation, contrasted to the hopeless and speculative nature of the theory of evolution. The resources include a hands-on museum, videos and a website, as well as in-person presentations meant to share scientific and scriptural support for the Genesis account.

Specifically, we offer tours of the museum, videos and books that can be checked out, articles on related subjects via the website and physical samples of minerals and fossils that are given out to school children. Plus, Stan Hudson goes to churches for creation seminars and to schools for weeks of prayer that are focused on creation. This is done in the territory of the North Pacific Union.

    To promote aspects of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s mission of sharing our Christ-centered hope that pertain to origins and God’s ultimate purpose in creating and saving the world.


    Fast Facts:

    • No other union conference has such a resource
    • This department regularly visits more churches and schools than any other NPUC department
    • The museum contains a number of world-class fossils and mineral specimens, like a giant camarasaurus leg bone, as well as a leg bone of an adult mammoth
    • We sponsor teachers and students annually to participate in a “DinoDig” where they are able to excavate dinosaur bones in one of the richest fossil beds in the world. 
    • We have distributed books and videos on creationism to every pastor in the NPUC


    • Constructed and furnished the creation museum
    • Produced and distributed a creation lecture series on DVD to every NPUC pastor
    • Raised grant money for the production of an advanced website:
    • Joined forces and funding with the Geoscience Research Institute to operate a huge booth at the Oshkosh Pathfinder Camporee, educating over one thousand visitors on creation; we also taught hundreds of Pathfinders honors in geology, rocks, meteorites, the Biblical flood and more.
    • Began work on the first Adventist-produced for-Adventist churches origins seminar, complete with PowerPoint slides, full scripts, instructions and videos of interviews with experts.


    • Continuing and expanding resource production as science discoveries develop
    • Replacing Stan Hudson as he retires/or reduces his involvement

    Featured in: Constituency Report 2022


    Stan Hudson

    North Pacific Union Conference creation ministries director