Family: Weddings


    Julie Ann Revelle and W. Larry Hamilton were married Feb. 22, 2023, in Oceanside, Oregon. They are making their home in Tillamook, Oregon. Julie is the daughter of Melvin Revelle and Pat (Boling) Revelle. W. Larry is the son of Glen and Betty (Galph)…

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    Suzanne Sellards and Cody McCulloch were married Jan. 22, 2023, in Vancouver, Washington, where they are making their home. Suzanne is the daughter of Phil and Carol (Dick) Sellards. Cody is the son of Robert McCulloch Jr. and Pamela (Fink) and Merrill…

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  • HAYES-MCCONNELL — LeBerta "Lee" (Petersen) Hayes and Don McConnell were married on June 20, 2022 in Gresham, Oregon.

  • MARTIN-GOTSHALL — Cami Jean Martin and Tim Jordan Gotshall were married Dec. 12, 2021 in Chehalis, Washington. Cami is the daughter of Terry and Judy (Hempel) Martin. Tim is the son of David and Karen (Johnston) Gotshall.

  • LAWSON-MILLER — Alexis "Lexi" Lawson and Jared Miller were married June 14, 2020, in Meridian, Idaho. They are making their home in Donnelly, Idaho. Lexi is the daughter of Dinn and Melanie Lawson. Jared is the son of Doug and Jodi Miller.

  • RICHTER-BRADBURN — Jessica Rochelle Richter and Joshua Grant Bradburn were married Aug. 8, 2020, in Portland, Oregon, where they are making their home. Jessica is the daughter of Felix Richter and DeAnn Smit. Joshua is the son of David and Sonja (Sand) Bradburn.

  • McMILLEN-KELLEY — Terri (Clark) McMillen and Les Kelley were married June 21, 2020, in Corvallis, Oregon. They are making their home in Halsey, Oregon. Terri is the daughter of Wayne and Darlene (Morrow) Clark. Les is the son of James and Anna Margaret (Torkelson) Kelley (both…

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  • KOSKI-MYERS — Amanda Koski and Christopher Myers were married Dec. 14, 2019, in Tillamook, Oregon, where they are making their home. Amanda is the daughter of Gil and Tammy Koski and Tara and Loren Thompson. Christopher is the son of Claude Myers and Christy (Trattner) and Ken…

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  • MINNER-CADWALLADER — Laurie Kathleen (Redmer) Minner and Dale Lansing Cadwallader were married Aug. 14, 2019, in Seattle, Wash. They are making their home in Collagedale, Tenn. Laurie is the daughter of Gordon Redmer (deceased) and Audrey (Cramer) Redmer. Dale is the son of…

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  • HEAGY-KHUT — Emily Heagy and Ney Khut were married July 14, 2019, in Walla Walla, Wash. They are making their home in Berrien Springs, Mich. Emily is the daughter of Gary and Teresa "Terri" (Shafer) Heagy. Ney Khut is the son of Sakhoeun Sou (deceased) and Sarouen Khut.

  • CASAS-PARSONS — Patricia Paola Casas and Daniel Mack Parsons were married May 11, 2019, in Vancouver, Wash., where they are making their home. Patricia is the daughter of Juan Ignacio Gutierrez and Patricia Casas. Daniel is the son of Mack and Betty (Holleran) Parsons and Joan (…

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  • ST.CYR-GREEN — Amy St.Cyr and Henrique Green were married March 3, 2019 in Falmouth, Trelawney, Jamaica, where they are making their home. Amy is the daughter of Jerry St.Cyr Sr. and Casimire Champ. Henrique is the son of Michael Green and Jacqueline Wedderburn.

  • RASCO-BONIFANT — Mallory Rasco and Joshua Bonifant were married Aug. 18, 2018, in Sequim, Wash. They are making their home in Lacey, Wash. Mallory is the daughter of Jeff and Miriam (Risby) Rasco. Joshua is the son of Mike and Lori (Yarbrough) Bonifant.

  • KORONKO-KNAPP — Amy K. Koronko and Ashton B. Knapp were married Sept. 30, 2018, in Hillsboro, Ore. They are making their home in West Linn, Ore. Amy is the daughter of Kelly and Melody (Humbert) Koronko. Ashton is the son of Dwight Knapp and Anna (Pfeiffer) Knapp (deceased)

  • KNOLL-GANDY — Deborah Marie Knoll and Matthew Cain Gandy were married Sept. 9, 2018, in Woodland, Wash. They are making their home in Hendersonville, N.C. Deborah is the daughter of Thomas and Merry Knoll of Walla Walla, Wash. Matthew is the son of John and Nancy Gandy of…

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  • DEWEBER-DICKERSON — Roberta "Bobbi" Lynne DeWeber and David Lynn Dickerson were married July 1, 2018, in Tillamook, Ore. Bobbi is the daughter of Gerald "Jerry" Munroe (deceased) and Alice (Ross) Munroe McMullen. David is the son of Bill and Beth (Ernest) Dickerson.

  • WILSON-LINFOOT — Katie Wilson and Joshua Linfoot were married April 8, 2018, in Happy Valley, Ore. They are making their home in Portland, Ore. Katie is the daughter of Jeff and Loretta (Wade) Wilson and Lori (Parker) Wilson. Joshua is the son of Stuart and Shaun Linfoot and…

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  • MANLEY-DRUSKY — Ellie P. Manley and Roy F. Drusky were married Aug. 27, 2017, in Snohomish, Wash. They are making their home in South Lebanon, Ohio. Ellie is the daughter of Christian and Brenda (Fletcher) Manley. Roy is the son of Roy and Diana (Taylor) Drusky.

  • PARADA-LONGVILLE — Cezia Parada and Lance Longville were married Aug. 13, 2017, in Tillamook, Ore. Cezia is the daughter of Danny and Patricia Parada. Lance is the son of Lester and Mary Longville.

  • KEIM-STONE — Yvette Rachelle (Loeks) Keim and Dale Richard Stone were married June 18, 2016, in St. Helens, Ore. They are making their home in Portland, Ore. Yvette is the daughter of Vernon and Yvonne (Jurgensen) Loeks. Dale is the son of Albert Stone and Patsy (Raines) Stone (…

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