Image Credit: Mark Bond

The Return of Montana Camp Meeting

As pastors and volunteers arrived early to Camp Meeting, you could feel the excitement for what God was about to do in the lives of Montana church members. Those who attended in person or online were encouraged to share Jesus, love people and trust God in praying for everything. The Holy Spirit spoke through John Freedman, North Pacific Union president; Pavel Goia, Ministry magazine editor; and Ken Norton, Montana Conference president.

Volunteers led out in various hobby classes on Thursday and Friday mornings. Classes included how to give a small group Bible study, gardening, birding, painting, impact writing, design and more. Thursday afternoon, a large group went tubing down Madison River. Families and friends of all ages enjoyed floating down the river with each other. While clouds threatened rain, they cleared and sunshine poured down instead.

Kids loved attending their morning and evening programs. They looked forward to the songs, crafts, lessons and games each meeting. The teens and youth enjoyed Stephen Carlile and Kevin Bruce, also known as "Two Guys and the Word," discussing enemies of the heart. They learned that guilt, anger and jealousy, left unchecked, can lead us to do and say things we regret. TGATW looked at Biblical and practical ways to deal with these enemies. 

The weekend was wrapped up by The King's Heralds, doing what they do best — spreading the Good News through music.

As camp meeting came to a close, it was clear that God had been with His people.

Featured in: September/October 2022


Stephen Carlile

Billings Church pastor and Montana Conference communications coordinator