Through the Storm: Recovering Your Mental Health

August 25, 2021 | Health | Kim Strobel

We’ve all adjusted admirably to changes brought on by of the pandemic. We’ve tackled outdoor birthday parties, impromptu homeschooling and even Zoom videoconferencing weddings with creativity and a sense of adventure. But day after day of isolation? No uplifting hymns and praise songs sung together in church? Months-long separation from beloved family members? Job losses? No hugs? Now that has taken a toll.

During the pandemic, approximately four in 10 adults reported feelings of anxiety and depression — up from one in 10 adults reporting these symptoms prior to the pandemic.[1] In fact, during the last year, mental health has become part of mainstream conversation in a way it rarely has before. That is good news in a year when nearly everyone has experienced more stress.

So how do we keep calm and carry on? Faith in God and continual prayer is our foundation — relying on Him we find happiness and strength. Our well-being is rooted in Jesus and in His ministry of teaching, preaching and healing. As His disciples, we use our various talents and training to encourage and support one another. The healing ministry of Jesus continues today through the work of Adventist Health and its mission to live God’s love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope.

On the following pages, experts from Adventist Health offer practical steps you can take day by day to improve your mental health and reestablish your sense of resilience and happiness — from science-backed strategies to cultivate happiness to a reminder of why your mental health matters. You have what it takes to make that first step toward well-being and the fullness of joy — just turn the page and begin.