Hispanic Ministries Departmental Report 2016–2020

Our department works directly with our Hispanic conference directors to coordinate, consult, assist and provide resources for mission-focused ministry programs.

To support local conferences and their Hispanic pastors in fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.


Fast Facts:

  • There are 105 Hispanic churches & companies being served by 40 Hispanic pastors
  • Provided evangelistic appropriations for the Hispanic work in the amount of $200,000
  • Hispanic Capital Funding has assisted several churches in acquiring and remodeling church buildings in the amount of $310,000


  • 2016: 13,731
  • 2017: 14,257
  • 2018: 14,627
  • 2019: 15,144
  • 2020: 15,271


  New Groups Total Churches
Alaska 0 1
Idaho 3 10
Oregon 7 34
Upper Columbia 6 34
Washington 10 26


  • Baptisms — Membership grew from 12,456 to 15,271 in this quinquennium, with 2,815 baptisms during this period. Presently Hispanic members represent 15.3% of the NPUC membership.
  • New Work — 26 new companies and churches were established
  • Real Estate — Seven church buildings were purchased with the assistance of the union capital funds
  • Stewardship — Tithe grew to $4,784,400.08 in the last five years
  • Marriage Retreat — A marriage retreat took place in Portland with 225 couples in attendance 
  • Advisory — Aided conferences in the process of vetting and hiring pastors and church workers — Mentorship and counseling was provided to pastors and family members


  • Plant 40 new churches in the next five years
  • Increase by 50% lay participation in preaching, training and baptisms
  • The new matrix for evangelism growth is mission-focused disciples who are involved in fulfilling Christ’s commission
  • Purchase of 10 new church buildings

Challenges Ahead:

  • Purchase of Buildings — Acquire resources to purchase new places of worship in a frenzied market
  • Adventist Education — Identify resources to facilitate Christian education for children and young people so they can adopt the vision and mission of our Adventist movement
  • Mission Focused Disciples — Implement practical methods to train and equip mission-focused pastors and laity

Featured in: Constituency Report 2022


César De León

North Pacific Union vice president for Hispanic ministries and ministerial director