Infused H2O

July 08, 2021 | recipe | Desiree Lockwood

Did you know that about 60% of your body weight is made of water? You need it for every single body function. Water flushes toxins from your organs, carries nutrients to your cells, cushions your joints and helps you digest your food.

You may have heard that eight glasses of water each day is best. But the truth is, how much water your body needs can vary.

Here are some basic guidelines:

The Institute of Medicine recommends that men should get a total of 13 cups of fluid each day. For women, they suggest 9 cups. If you have a condition like heart failure or a particular type of kidney disease, you may actually need to limit your fluid intake. Remember, it's important to talk to your doctor about what’s right for you.

A cool glass of water, especially during the hot summer months, helps keep you properly hydrated. Yet, some find plain water hard to drink on its own. Infusing water with fruits, veggies and herbs is so easy to make, will keep you refreshed and hydrated with added health benefits. Plus, it tastes great!


  • Fresh produce (fruit, veggies and herbs)
  • Cold water


  1. Get your container (mason jar, pitcher or gallon jug).
  2. Wash and chop your produce.
  3. Add the chopped produce to your cold water.
  4. Let it soak to infuse the flavors.


  • The more produce in the water and the longer you let it soak, the more intense the flavors will be.
  • To help prevent bacteria growth, be sure to store your infusions in the fridge. When serving, keep it chilled with ice. It should not sit at room temperature for more than a couple of hours. 
  • Did you know you can infuse water twice with the same batch of produce? And yes, you can eat the produce after you've made your infused water. 

Drink Up!

There are endless tasty combinations to choose from. Here are just a few delicious flavors to get you started making your own infusions.

Rosemary, Ginger and Lime

Grapefruit Jalapeno

Lemon Cucumber Mint

Orange Thyme

Vitamin Water: grapefruit, lemon, lime, cucumber, watermelon, ginger and mint.