Warm Fellowship in Cold January

Members of the Kamiah Church in Idaho gathered in a member's home during the Ten Days of Prayer (www.revivalandreformation.org) Jan. 10–20.

Robert White led out with a devotional theme each night on the significance of the high priest and his ministry. Prayer time followed, beginning with praise and moving into confession. During the supplication time of prayer, individuals prayed for seven people close to their hearts. Spontaneous requests for healing, conversion, unity in the local and worldwide church, godly leadership, and laity were included. Grateful acknowledgements for protection, God's leading and answered prayers crowded into the Thanksgiving section of prayer.

"It was hard to leave," one member admitted. Members often lingered sharing answers to prayer that were happening.

One evening in particular, a member could hardly wait to share. There had been no phone calls or visits from a loved one due to misunderstandings. She longed for reconciliation and each night included this name as one of her seven.

"Yesterday I got a phone call," she reported with glistening eyes. This loved one had spent several hours on the phone sharing favorite passages of encouragement from Ellen White's writings. "We must have talked for two hours," she told her fellow church members.