Emotional Wellness Center Opens in Portland

What sets Adventist Health apart from most other health systems in the nation is a care philosophy that treats not only the physical needs of patients but also their emotional and spiritual needs.

Addressing the greatest health needs of local communities is a natural outpouring of a whole-person mission. Current research shows Oregon ranked last in mental health care within the United States. Responding to the statewide crisis, Adventist Health in Portland recently created an Emotional Wellness Center to specifically address the behavioral health needs of the community. The concept of partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient care is designed to increase awareness, understanding and coping skills for those who are experiencing significant emotional challenges.

Stephen, an unmarried retiree, had been struggling with progressive depression and anxiety over the past several months. His sister and primary care provider noticed increasing hopelessness. With the help of his family and compassionate colleagues, Stephen eventually acknowledged his need for a treatment plan that could help him reconnect to his self-worth, sacred value and emotional health.

Thankfully, he found support from a team of highly skilled providers at the Adventist Health Emotional Wellness Center. Stephen soon developed trust with the Christian-based therapy team. They helped enroll him in their six-week program of intensive outpatient care provided in a safe and vibrant space where he could confidentially work through his issues in a group setting. The program helped him learn how to cope with his feelings of sadness, anxiety and fear while empowering him with confidence to regain his connection to his family and fellow employees.

“This sacred journey of emotional wellness teaches individuals how to embrace our emotions and equips adults to function in a healthy, productive manner,” states Y. Pritham Raj, the medical doctor who serves as the Emotional Wellness Center director and chair of behavioral health at Adventist Medical Center. “We are addressing the mental health crisis in Portland with evidence-based, quality treatments that help patients better cope with life’s continual stresses and environmental challenges.” The outpatient program requires a daily commitment to engage in therapy resulting in an increased level of confidence and self-assurance.

According to Raj, individuals most appropriate for the Emotional Wellness Center include patients who:

  • Have an active mental illness that would benefit from a psychotherapeutic program;
  • Do not have active suicidal or homicidal intent;
  • Are medically stable;
  • Are capable of performing basic self-care.

Most major insurances including Medicare and Medicaid are accepted at the center. For more information, call the Emotional Wellness Center at 503-261-5953 or www.adventisthealth.org/NW.

Featured in: November 2017


Judy Leach

Adventist Health Pacific Northwest Region vice president of strategy activation and communication