One Blessing After Another

Katie Church grew up in a strong Christian family and went to a Sunday church each week. “We just had a great life growing up surrounded by God, love, the Bible and everything,” she remembers.

In high school, however, Katie dabbled in alcohol and drugs. In college she became more involved, and even spent seven years of her life using and selling drugs.

When she was arrested on Jan. 31, 2003, she ended up in a treatment center. There she felt the need to reconnect with the Lord, started reading the Bible, and rededicated her life to God. She knew she needed to surround herself with other Christians in order to be successful in her Christian walk, so she decided to go back to church.

Meanwhile, after a divorce, her mother started reading and studying the Bible. There she discovered the biblical Sabbath and determined to find a church that kept the seventh-day Sabbath. A friend suggested that she go to the East Central Church in Spokane, Wash., where she was soon baptized. Not long after, Katie started attending with her.

Katie studied with Colin Dunbar, East Central Church pastor, his daughter Elizabeth and Doug McCoy, an East Central member. She was baptized in July 2004.

“My life was a living hell,” she says. “I was sad, I was depressed, and I felt that I had nothing to live for. If something hadn’t changed, I probably would be dead. Now that I am a Christian again, I have had one blessing after another in my life.”

Featured in: January 2005