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Public Affairs & Religious Liberty Report 2016–2020

The North Pacific Union continues to champion the principles of religious liberty in the public arena as a ministry for its members and to all people of faith. The NRLA provides legislative advocacy as well as legal guidance, mediation, advocacy and referral services in the workplace, home, schools, prisons and military. It provides noncombatant letters connected to United States naturalization applications.

    To champion the constitutional guarantee of religious freedom for all people of faith in its government relations and workplace mediation services.


    Fast Facts:

    • Established in 1906, the Northwest Religious Liberty Association (NRLA) serves as the office of Public Affairs & Religious Liberty for the NPUC, and is the oldest religious freedom advocacy organization in the northwest.
    • NRLA works in the areas of legislative, civic, judicial, academic, interfaith and corporate arenas on behalf of the church and all people and institutions of faith.
    • Since the last constituency session (September 2016), NRLA has mediated and/or advocated on behalf of 492 individuals in the corporate workplace and other public venues.


    • Mediation Cases — Workplace issues, Sabbath accommodation, labor unions, US citizenship, prison and school sports.
    • Government Relations — Federal, state, county and municipal levels, with legislative advocacy among our team of capitol pastors.
    • Educational Advocacy — Preaching assignments and presentations to churches, camp meetings, civic groups, academic symposiums and radio/podcast appearances. 
    • Liberty Campaign — Subscription processing, mailing, donor letters and fundraising.


    • Government Overreach — Monitoring and, when necessary, advocating on matters impacting the church and its members.
    • Executive Actions and Judicial Decisions Monitoring regulatory actions and court rulings in the five states within the NPUC territory.
    • Engaging Government Agencies — Maintaining connections with elected officials and agency directors.

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    André Wang

    North Pacific Union Conference general counsel and director of public affairs and religious liberty