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Adventist Community Services and Disaster Relief

The North Pacific Union disaster response coordinator serves as a liaison with government agencies encompassing the NPUC and responds to requests for donations management, coordinating and supporting conference ACS leaders and volunteers activated to disasters. They also organize annual advisories of conference ACS Disaster Response directors and North American Division leadership, including training events for ACS DR volunteers. They support relationships with Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster Response and government agencies. The NPUC DR coordinator is a volunteer who is given an expense budget by the NPUC to support training events and travel expenses.

To serve the poor and hurting in Christ's name.


Fast Facts:

  • More than 100 vibrant community service efforts continue to serve across the Northwest including thrift stores, food pantries and health clinics.
  • In the wake of growing fire activity, Oregon, Upper Columbia and Washington conferences have all been heavily involved in fire relief efforts.
  • The demand for ACS food aid and free health care has significantly grown following the outbreak of COVID-19.


  • Fire relief efforts continued across the Northwest. 
  • Flood response provided aid to affected communities.  
  • Disaster drills helped communities and organizations build preparedness. 
  • ACS Training equipped volunteers to respond appropriately when needed. 
  • Government relations efforts contintue to pave the way to help in times of crisis. 


  • Increasing disasters — More disasters are occurring on a regular basis. There is more need than ever before for our relief efforts.
  • Preparedness — We must be ready to relieve suffering from disasters whenever and wherever they happen. Personal, family, community and institutional preparedness requires a plan, trained personnel, equipment and resources.

Our Team:

Byron Dulan, ACS director
Larry D. Mays, NPUC diaster relief coordinator
Pattric Parris, ACS administrative assistant

Featured in: Constituency Report 2022


Byron Dulan

North Pacific Union vice president for regional affairs