• Can you Swing it?

    I remember when a quarter got you a gallon of gas. A buck scored you a gallon of ice cream. And $4,107.45 paid for a new 1964 Ford Galaxie 500XL (I have my grandpa’s old car parked in my garage—the sticker price still in the glovebox).
  • Christian Education It Takes a Team

    August 01, 2002
    Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders this month are turning their attention to a new school year, and they’re not alone.Committees are meeting, and boards are busy caring for physical plants and the needs of faculty they supervise. Parents are str...
  • Blaring Walls & Falling Trumpets?

    August 01, 2002
    My kindergarten/preschool students in the Sutherlin, Ore., Adventist School just got through marching around the “Walls of Jericho.”They did it six silent times, then shouted. It’s a great Bible story we adults often regard as childish.But as my k...