UCC Challenges All Members to Spend 2024 In the Word

Have you ever wanted to read through the entire Bible? Many set this goal to read through the Bible at least once in their life; others set out to do it as a New Year’s resolution.

During the 2022 Vision Summit, Upper Columbia Conference added an initiative to its Serve One More strategic plan for UCC In the Word — inviting the entire conference to read through the Bible in 2024.

“The idea is simple, yet life-changing,” shared David Jamieson, UCC president. “We have invited our pastors in UCC to preach through the entire Bible in 2024. Constituents are invited to read each week and then hear a sermon related to that week’s reading.”

Beginning in January 2024 and ending Saturday, Dec. 14, 2024, UCC In the Word is a journey through the 66 books of the Bible, surveying God’s gracious work from creation to the cross to the consummation of time.

“We look forward to reaching a goal in this conference of reading the Bible from cover to cover,” shared Jamieson. “Like a roadmap, UCC In the Word will provide you with a big picture view of ‘the greatest story ever told.’”

Reading through the Bible in one year can be an ambitious goal for many and requires daily dedication. According to the 2022–23 Global Church Member Survey conducted by the world church’s Office of Archives, Statistics and Research, almost half of Adventists — 48.8% — read the Bible at least once a day, while 26% read two or more times a week and 2% never read the Bible.

UCC prayer ministries department also hopes to help encourage members who are taking on the In the Word challenge. They began the year with 10 Days of Prayer, Vertical Conversations With God. During this time, prayer warriors across the conference prayed that the Bible would spark conversation in the conference and the Word of God would speak to each person as they read the Bible.

After much prayer, prayer ministries created a Zoom room, uccsda.org/prayer, to read the Bible as a group, Sunday through Friday at 8:30 p.m. each week adding an additional resource to keep readers accountable.

“The one-year Bible reading plan takes about 15 minutes each day to read through,” said Kathy Marson, UCC prayer ministries coordinator. “We are so excited because we have partnered with local church prayer leaders to read and pray through the Bible this year. During our Zooms, the scripture will be read followed by an opportunity to pray together.”

If you are interested in participating or reading through the Bible has been something you’ve wanted to do, join UCC In the Word. For more information, visit uccsda.org/intheword.

Featured in: March/April 2024