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Montana Conference Camp Meeting Centers on Learning, Sharing and Giving

The beautiful campus of Mount Ellis Academy in Bozeman, Montana, became the spiritual epicenter of inspiration and fellowship during Montana Conference Camp Meeting in July 2023.

Speaker Derek Morris, Hope Channel International president, led the way, urging attendees to pray for more laborers in the harvest as they explored various workshops and testimonies, fostering growth in faith and community. 

Also provided was an array of enriching workshops promoting Montana-style wholistic living. From bread-making to flint-knapping, attendees embraced new skills and crafts, while plant-based cooking and juicing workshops encouraged participants to prioritize their physical well-being.

At the same time, beginners in fly fishing and pebble art learned to appreciate the beauty of nature and find healthy hobbies in which to participate. Other workshops focused on sharing one's faith effectively, enhancing devotional life, fostering mental health within a Christian context and nurturing biblical parenting and marriages.

“We found so much talent among our members who know how to do these things really well," said Ken Norton, Montana Conference president. "We wanted to make camp meeting a place where adults can have fun, too!”

Friday and Sabbath afternoon featured a compelling testimony by Andy Weaver, who shared his journey from being part of the Amish community to becoming an Adventist. Attendees gained insights into the Amish way of life and beliefs, fostering greater understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity within the faith.

Alongside the enriching spiritual experiences, two offerings were taken during camp meeting; one in support of Mount Ellis Academy, the second benefiting the Montana Elementary Education Endowment, jump-started by a generous $20,000 matching fund. Those moved to contribute can do so at

For teens, the "Here I am, send me 360" team provided an engaging experience. Led by passionate teen leaders, the program focused on witnessing through short videos and actively sharing messages of faith with the community. On Friday morning, the group distributed copies of The Great Controversy in downtown Bozeman.

The children's program also thrived as young minds delved into the lessons of Jonah. The packed program was designed to be fun and interactive, ensuring the children could grasp valuable insights while building lasting friendships.

Montana Camp Meeting attendees left with renewed faith and enthusiasm, ready to embark on their individual journeys as laborers in the vast harvest.

Through workshops, testimonies and messages, camp meeting demonstrated the power of unity and the significance of being sent out by God as a laborer, affirming its place as a truly memorable event in the hearts of all who attended. 

Be sure to mark your calendars for next year's camp meeting July 10-13, 2024, with featured speaker John Bradshaw, It Is Written president.

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Stephen Carlile

Billings Church pastor and Montana Conference communications coordinator