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Growing in Faith With Your Teen

I have a 15-year-old and a 10-year-old. Parenting a teen and preteen in today's culture isn't always easy.

Our world is filled with countless distractions and challenges, so nurturing the faith of teenagers has become an essential task for me. While teens are navigating the difficult world of adolescence, it is crucial for us all to provide them with the tools and support they need to grow in their relationship with Christ.

I believe it’s very important that we empower teens to develop a solid foundation of faith that will sustain them throughout their lives. I realize that isn’t always easy, but here are five ways that might help us all.

1. Building Authentic Relationships

The foundation of growing their faith is building an authentic relationship with them. Authenticity fosters trust. This allows our teens to open up and share their thoughts, doubts and questions. Parents, take the time to listen actively, understand their perspective and respond with empathy and respect. By demonstrating genuine care and compassion, we can create an environment where they feel safe to explore their faith.

2. Biblical Teaching

To help teens grow in their faith, it is essential to provide them with a solid biblical foundation. Encourage them to engage with Scripture regularly and explore its relevance to their lives. Offer Bible study groups or youth programs where they can discuss and learn about God's Word in a supportive community. My husband is currently doing a class for teens and preteens at our church about who God is and if we can trust Him. By delving into the teachings of Jesus, they can gain wisdom, find answers to their questions and develop a deeper understanding of God's plan for their lives.

3. Encouraging Prayer and Worship

Prayer and worship are vital aspects of a growing faith — in all stages of life. Helping your teen to develop a personal prayer life and teaching them the importance of communicating with God now will help them as young adults. My teen and I connect on Bible apps and do studies together.

Encourage your teen to pray for themselves, their families, friends and the world around them. Let your teens freely express their worship through music, art and other creative means.

4. Mentorship and Discipleship

Walking alongside teenagers as mentors and disciples is crucial in helping them grow in their faith. Identify individuals within the community who can serve as positive role models, sharing their own experiences and wisdom. These mentors can offer guidance, answer questions and provide support during challenging times. By investing in one-on-one discipleship relationships, we can guide teens through the ups and downs of their spiritual journey, equipping them to face the world with a firm foundation in Christ. I’m thankful for a great pastor, youth ministry leader and Sabbath School teacher that can help my kids.

5. Engaging in Service and Mission

Encourage teenagers to actively engage in service and mission opportunities. By putting their faith into action, they can experience the joy of serving others and witness the transformative power of God's love. Participating in local outreach programs, missions trips and community service projects allows them to make a tangible impact in the lives of others, while deepening their understanding of Christ's call to love and serve.


Nurturing the faith of teenagers requires intentional effort, patience and love. By building authentic relationships, providing solid biblical teaching, encouraging prayer and worship, offering mentorship and discipleship, and engaging in service and mission, we can guide teenagers on an adventurous journey of spiritual growth. 

Featured in: July/August 2023



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