Image Credit: Kai Eiselein

HealthMotivate Clinic Celebrates With Dedication Ceremony

Community and church leaders, along with members of the public, gathered for the dedication ceremony for HealthMotivate Lifestyle and Medical Center in Pullman, Washington. The event, held on Sept. 28, 2022, welcomed more than 150 people to the clinic’s ribbon-cutting and open house.

The morning ribbon-cutting was attended by Glenn A. Johnson, mayor of Pullman, Washington, and Fred Hardinge, HealthMotivate board member. Doug Venn, General Conference director of urban centers of influence, shared the history of HealthMotivate’s mission at the dedication ceremony, and David Jamieson, Upper Columbia Conference president, provided additional remarks.

“HealthMotivate Clinic is a great example of an urban center of influence (UCI) that will meet the identified needs of the community and will serve as a platform to make disciples,” said Venn.

What makes HealthMotivate different from other clinics is that clinic staff meet daily to pray for patients before they arrive. HealthMotivate is committed to unite the best of science and research-based medicine with the body’s own natural healing process to support wholeness. Invested in the infinite value of each person, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, health educators and coaches make up the support care team.

“HealthMotivate Lifestyle and Medical Center was built to fulfill the goals and work to pursue wholeness in order to learn to make healthier choices in the community,” shared Jayne Peterson, HealthMotivate business manager. “Our clinic offers pathways to wholeness for everyone, building relationships and providing tools and resources to experience one’s full health potential.”

HealthMotivate also works to partner with local churches and community groups to offer classes, programs and services that encourage daily choices for healthy living. The goal is to help others with pursuing good physical health and creating wholeness and purpose.

“HealthMotivate is working to focus on relationship building to engage with patients, identify realistic starting points for change and then plug the patient into opportunities to work with the in-house lifestyle coaches and participate in lifestyle group programs,” said Peterson.

HealthMotivate continues to bring together resources and talents that provide the best opportunities for improved, lifelong wellness. They work to improve and grow their mission and vision and continue to actively recruit additional providers. To learn more, visit

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