All Nations Center Adventurer Club Members Prepare to Share God’s Love

The Adventurers at All Nations Center Adventurer Club are learning from community members about ways they can help others around them. Their goal is to learn how to share God’s love by helping to meet physical needs.

There were two activities to highlight from their learning in 2022 — the First Aid Award in March and the Road Safety Award in April. Both included support from community members and taught the Adventurers skills they could use to help others.

The First Aid award was completed on March 27, 2022. The director and staff organized three learning stations that the Adventurers rotated through. At the stations they learned about bandages, how to care for a bloody nose, how to use a first aid kit and what an emergency medical technician does.

The Adventurers were excited to have an EMT come and share with the class. He taught the kids about various injuries he deals with, and the kids each got to practice with some safety equipment. It is amazing how much the kids learn and remember about these special events. Each child received a brand new, fully stocked first aid kit as well as a better understanding of how to help those in need.

The second award, Road Safety Award, was completed on April 27, 2022. For this award there were two different stations the kids rotated through. At the first station, the children learned about various road signs and how to follow them, why it is important to wear a seatbelt while in a motor vehicle and safety measures that should be taken when walking or riding a bike on the road.

At the second station the Adventurers got to play a fun safety game. They were surprised by a special visit from a police officer. The police officer spoke to them about road safety and then spent some time answering their questions and showing them some of the equipment he uses regularly. The kids said the experience was “Awesome!” and some parents informed Adventurer staff that their kids were identifying road signs on the drive home.

Parents say that Adventurer club has been “fun and educational.” One parent stated, “My girls loved [the road safety award] and have loved every minute of Adventurers. Thank you to everyone who has made it possible.”

All Nations Center Adventurer Club takes a photo with local EMT

All Nations Center Adventurer Club takes a photo with local EMT.

All Nations Center Adventurer Club

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