Image Credit: Sheila Elwin

Montana Adventists Provide Disaster Relief

This summer, national news reported catastrophic flooding in Yellowstone National Park; many Montana communities were affected as well. Towns such as Gardiner, Livingston, Red Lodge and Fromberg were devastated by floodwaters and have been trying to rebuild. 

Local churches began communicating with Gabriele Laub, Montana Conference Adventist Community Services coordinator. She was already working on a way churches could help.

A Pathfinder group from Upper Columbia Conference had prepared flood buckets and were graciously willing to donate all of them. Flood buckets are five-gallon buckets filled with all kinds of cleanup supplies for flood and water damage. Montana churches donated more than 150 flood buckets to families to help with the initial cleanup needs.

A group organized by Bridger Adventist Church showed up in Fromberg with flood buckets in hand. After checking in with the volunteer coordinators, they hit the streets, going house-to-house, knocking on doors, offering buckets and assisting with cleanup. Residents and volunteers shoveled mud out of basements and garages and removed flooded appliances and furniture before mold set in, while others were still waiting for water to be pumped out of their basement.

Another group, organized by Mount Ellis Adventist Academy Church, volunteered to distribute flood buckets in Livingston and the surrounding communities.

On behalf of Montana Conference, thanks goes to everyone who donated their time, energy and money to help share love and support with our Montana neighbors. Special thanks go to Gabriele Laub for volunteering her time to help churches help people. 

Featured in: September/October 2022


Stephen Carlile

Billings Church pastor and Montana Conference communications coordinator