NPUC Nominating Committee Recommends Officers and VPs

On Monday, June 27, the North Pacific Union nominating committee met to recommend officers and vice presidents for the upcoming union constituency session to be held on Aug. 7 in Vancouver, Washington.

The committee, chaired by G. Alexander Bryant, North American Division president, recommended the continuation of all existing officers through 2026.

With the forthcoming retirement of Dennis Plubell, NPUC vice president for education, at the 2022 constituency session, the committee recommended Keith Hallam to fill the education role.

Keith Hallam

Hallam is no stranger to the Northwest, having previously served as principal of Auburn Adventist Academy from July 1995 to June 2009. Most recently he has served as education director at the Southern Union since 2021.

The committee's report, which will be presented at session, is as follows:

  • John Freedman, president
  • Bill McClendon, vice president for administration
  • Mark Remboldt, chief financial officer
  • Keith Hallam, vice president for education
  • César De León, vice president for Hispanic ministries
  • Byron Dulan, vice president for regional ministries

First elected NPUC president at the prior session in September 2016, Freedman previously served as Washington Conference president from 2002–2016.

John Freedman, North Pacific Union president

McClendon has filled the role of vice president for administration since 2018 after serving in various roles as both a pastor and in conference leadership.

Bill McClendon, North Pacific Union vice president for administration

Having served the NPUC since 2005, Remboldt was tapped as treasurer/CFO in 2008. He also served in the Washington Conference as treasurer prior to joining the union.

Mark Remboldt
Mark Remboldt, North Pacific Union CFO and treasurer
Jay Wintermeyer

Plubell will depart the NPUC after serving two stints in the office; serving in his most recent role since February 2014.

Dennis Plubell
Dennis Plubell, North Pacific Union vice president for education

Since June 2016, De León has served as vice president for Hispanic ministries. He came to the NPUC from the Central California Conference, where he was the ministerial and evangelism director.

César De León
César De León, North Pacific Union vice president for Hispanic ministries

Dulan began his role at the NPUC in January 2018 after serving in the Washington Conference in various capacities.

Byron Dulan
Byron Dulan, North Pacific Union vice president for regional ministries

The NPUC nominating committee is made up of the executive committee and 15 additional members elected by their local conference executive committees.

The session, originally scheduled to take place in 2021, is delayed a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 2022 NPUC Constituency Session will be held at the Adventist Community Church of Vancouver, Washington on Aug. 7, 2022 at 9 a.m. The session will be live streamed on the Northwest Adventists Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo channels, as well as on the website.

Session documentation and information can be found on the NPUC website.

The complete constituency session report is available on the Northwest Adventists/Gleaner website.