Creation Study Center Announces New Resource for Churches

For the first time ever a seminar on creation, produced for and by Seventh-day Adventists, is now available for pastors and lay leaders. The program is called “Origins” and has been two years in the making. 

Previously any time a church wanted to present science-based materials on creation, they had to go to non-denominational ministries like Answers in Genesis. However, the Adventist church doesn’t hold the same beliefs on all topics, like the age of the universe or eternally burning hell. Now those topics are addressed from the Adventist point of view.

The program consists of the following format: about 35 minutes of science-based PowerPoint slides, then a 10 minute video featuring interviews of scientists and theologians on the chosen topic of the day, then the program concludes with about 15 minutes of Bible-based PowerPoint slides on what Scripture offers on the topic. There are six lectures, complete with word-for-word scripts, covering six topics. 

The first topic is the “Origin of the Debate.” This explains why popular science and Christianity seem to be at odds, especially as it relates to creation versus evolution. The second topic is the “Origin of Humankind.” This takes a hard look at the candidates presented as human ancestors in the fossil record, while sharing the royal ancestry view of humankind as recorded in the Bible.  The third topic is the “Origin of the Oceans,” which deals with the flood of Genesis and the fossil record.

The fourth topic is the “Origin of Dinosaurs.” Surprisingly, the study of dinosaurs has shed much light favorable to creation. The fifth topic is the “Origin of the Earth,” where the more difficult subject of the age of the earth is considered.  The age-dating of rocks is explained in laymen’s terms and why it might not be as reliable as it is presented to be. The larger topic of decay is treated from a Biblical perspective.

The final topic is the “Origin of the Universe,” where the larger questions of ultimate purpose and destiny are discussed. The Big Bang is highlighted along with the “Big Crunch” which some feel is how the universe will conclude. Here’s where the topic of hell is examined and how Charles Darwin felt, such was a “damnable doctrine.” The video features It Is Written’s John Bradshaw, giving an excellent response to the popular view.  

The emphasis of the series is beginnings, but the last program closes on a hopeful view of endings. This has been put together as a possible “bridge event,” which could easily lead into a follow-up on a prophecy seminar. It could be teased as, “We’ve studied how things started. Would you like now to study how things end?”

The Geoscience Research Institute in Loma Linda was heavily consulted, with their key scientists interviewed in the videos. SermonView produced the high-quality slides. Plus they have produced a variety of marketing tools to advertise these meetings. And Advent Source, the North American Division’s major resource ministry for pastors and churches, is handling the distribution of the seminar itself. Those interested in obtaining the seminar or having questions should go to: 

Efforts were especially made to lessen worries about the technical science concepts being presented. Several “how to” videos were produced, including trailers for congregations and even an invitation suitable for Facebook and other media. The kit contains about 18 videos, a sample of a Participant’s Guide, a Coordinator’s Guide and lecture scripts.

We are called to share the Three Angels’ Messages of Revelation 14 to a world that has largely forgotten its Creator. Now we can share solid scientific evidence for this great truth.


A new seminar on creation, produced for and by Seventh-day Adventists, is now available for pastors and lay leaders
A new seminar on creation, produced for and by Seventh-day Adventists, is now available for pastors and lay leaders