Food. Fun. Fellowship. Faith. It's Here. It's Montana Camp Meeting

It's right around the corner, and we couldn't be more excited! Montana Conference Camp Meeting is one of those events that bring us all together to be inspired, grow and reconnect with our brothers and sisters in Christ. It's an event that brings back memories of nostalgia, yet at the same time, makes us long for heaven. This summer, we are planning a camp meeting to remember. 

Montana's Camp Meeting has a new date this year. It starts Wednesday evening, July 6, and ends Saturday night, July 9. There are a few reasons why we moved the date, but probably the greatest reason was to accommodate our featured speaker, Pavel Goia, pastor and General Conference ministerial secretary.

Goia knew that God had called him to ministry at a young age. But as a young man born and raised in communist Romania, following his calling was not an easy task. After a short drifting during his teenage years, his life took a proverbial turn. He promised to serve God and fulfill his original calling. His promise was tested almost immediately. The events that ensued are chronicled by the book One Miracle After Another: The Pavel Goia Story by Gregg Budd.

Goia is known for his powerful testimonies of God's miraculous power, and we know we will be inspired and blessed as God speaks through him during Camp Meeting. He will speak every evening at 7:00 p.m. and for the church service on Sabbath morning.

On Thursday and Friday morning, there are several workshops you can participate in. We call these Hobby Classes, and while we haven't finalized them yet, some of the things we are considering, in addition to several small group Bible study classes are parenting workshops, a photography class and more. If you have an idea for a hobby class, let us know! As we finalize the list, it will be posted on our website,

If that's not enough fun for you, we will take it up a notch. On Thursday afternoon, we will be tubing the Madison River. Everyone is invited to join this excursion as we soak up the sun, enjoy the beautiful scenery and allow families and friends to connect. On Friday afternoon, we are headed to Hyalite Canyon and Reservoir. There, we can hike, swim, and if you have a canoe or paddleboard, bring it! If the Madison or Hyalite isn't your style, don't worry, there will still be things to do on the campus of Mount Ellis Academy each afternoon.

Hey teens and youth! Not only are you invited to go tubing and swimming, but we have something else special for you. Two Guys and the Word will be here! Who? Stephen and Kevin have been best friends for over 12 years, and they love spending time with youth tackling real-life questions and issues with God's Word in the coolest way possible. Go ahead and follow @tgatw on Instagram to get to know them before camp meeting.

To wrap up the weekend, Elder Ken Norton, Montana Conference president, will lead Sabbath School and Pastor Goia will speak for the church service. After lunch, and a restful Sabbath afternoon, we will come together for an Adventist tradition, a concert by the King's Heralds. The King's Heralds have been making music for well over 90 years and have made their way around the world, sharing the gospel message through song. We are looking forward to hearing Don, Mark, John and Jeff sing and tell stories as we close out the weekend. 

Of course, there is not enough space to include all the details of camp meeting, but as the date draws near, we will add more information to our website and send it to you through our enewsletter, the Montana Herald. Make sure you subscribe at

Save the date! And make your way to Mount Ellis Academy this summer, where there's food, fun, fellowship and faith. It's here. It's Montana Camp Meeting.

Featured in: May/June 2022


Stephen Carlile

Billings Church pastor and Montana Conference communications coordinator