NPUC Appoints De León Associate Director

The North Pacific Union executive committee voted on Mar. 9 to appoint Carolann De León as the associate director for Hispanic, ministerial and family ministries. Carolann joins her husband and ministry partner of 35 years, Dr. Cesar De León, serving NPCU conferences in these three important areas. 

Carolann felt called to ministry at an early age. She was always passionately involved in her father’s pastoral ministry during her adolescence and early adulthood. She taught children, early teens and youth; directed vacation Bible schools and offered parenting classes, even as a single, young adult. Her early calling to ministry went unnoticed, as women in ministry were very rarely supported at that time.

Carolann’s first profession was as an intensive care nurse. She later returned to Loma Linda University where she received a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling. She was nearing completion of her doctorate in the same area, at Fuller Theological Seminary’s School of Psychology in Pasadena, California, when she made the decision to devote herself to raising her children.

Currently, Carolann is working to complete a master’s degree in pastoral ministry from Andrews University. She finds optimal joy in sharing the good news gospel of Jesus Christ. Witnessing the holistic transformation as God touches and heals the human heart, mind and life, brings Carolann deep satisfaction.

Carolann’s ministry passions are discipling, training and encouraging and empowering people to become radical followers of Jesus. She aims to help them form emotionally healthy spiritual relationships and communities that are equipped and trained to coach, disciple and empower new disciples effectively, so they can become emotionally and spiritually healthy disciples who repeat the kingdom-building cycle. 

Carolann and Cesar are blessed with two sons; Zac (26) is attending Seminary at Andrews University and Jonathan (24) works as a registered nurse in Salem, Oregon.  


Jay Wintermeyer

North Pacific Union assistant to the president for communication and Gleaner editor