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Where Are You Headed?

An old farmer was sitting on his porch after a long day of working in the wheat field. As the sun set, he noticed a car driving down the road. A young couple had been out taking advantage of the beautiful day, enjoying a leisurely ride in the country. But now they were lost, hungry and just wanted to go home. 

Seeing the farmer, they pulled over to the side of the road to ask for directions. 

“Where does this road go?” asked the young man. “There aren’t many road signs out here and my GPS isn’t picking up any signal. We have no idea where we are.”

The old farmer smiled and, with a touch of country humor and wisdom, replied, “Son, this road will take you anywhere you want to go — but only if you know where you are going.”

The young couple knew their destination. Yet, when they asked the farmer for directions, they didn’t tell him where home was. The farmer could hardly give them directions without knowing their destination. 

The lesson is pretty plain. Once you identify where you are headed, you can plot out a course, get direction and reach your destination. 

So, let me ask you, "Where are you going?" I believe we all want to go home. But where is that home? Are we looking for a physical place here on earth, or are we focused on our eternal destination? 

In our world, there is a lot to make us fearful, stressed and exhausted. When we’re faced with life’s uncertainty, it's a good time to consider our destination and ask, where is my home? If we don’t know the answer, we’re likely to wander through life without purpose.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said, “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness” (Matt. 6:33). That's precise direction. Jesus wants us to know we were created for God. We are to find our identity and self-worth in seeking God first and His righteousness. 

Just in case we needed more precise directions, Jesus showed us how to seek God. He gave supreme allegiance, obedience and attention to the Father while here on earth. He made the will of His Father first in everything, becoming obedient to the point of death. 

Seeking the kingdom of God makes a tangible difference in the here and now and dramatically alters how we live. Let me share just a few of the many changes I’ve seen God make when people choose to follow Him. 

  • A single-minded allegiance to God gives us the ability to disagree with people, yet still love and respect them.
  • God also empowers us, through His Spirit, to love and pray for our enemies.
  • When we love the truth and do not turn away from it, it builds the trust of those who know us.
  • Seeking Him first compels us to encourage others and build Christian community. 
  • With God’s love as our compass, we can stop criticizing others and start to build trust. 

Biblical character matters! Developing it takes a lifetime. Yet, with God's power, it transforms the culture in a home, office, workplace, church and community into a beautiful place to live and work. 

At the end of the day, what is our destination? Are we seeking God’s kingdom and His righteousness above all things? When we place ourselves in His care, our guide and Creator will fill our lives with purpose, mission and fulfillment. 

This month, we're highlighting stories of women who truly know their destination. From all walks of life, they've answered God's call to seek Him first. I'm grateful for the hundreds of committed leaders across the Northwest who choose daily to follow Jesus and let His Spirit point the way home.

Featured in: March/April 2022



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