East Wenatchee Opens God’s Closet

Romans 12:13 (NIV) reminds us to, “Share with the Lord’s people who are in need.” The East Wenatchee Church, in East Wenatchee, Washington set out to answer this call by opening a branch of God's Closet.

God's Closet supports families in need of children's clothing. Beryl Comm, organizer and coordinator, works with volunteer church members to host the event every few months at the church. During the past two years, it has served hundreds of families in the community.

Clothing donations are made in a drop box outside the church. Volunteers then organize the children's clothes by size and gender, just like in department stores. 

On the day of the event, volunteers guide shoppers into the church fellowship hall to shop.

Guests are charged just $1 to shop in God's Closet. They are given plastic bags to fill with the clothes of their choosing. After making their way through the clothing and accessories, people are given the opportunity to talk and pray with a church member, or to express interest in joining a Bible study. 

On the last event of the year, Dec. 3, 2021, God’s Closet gifted out over 200 loaves of pumpkin bread. 

The impact God’s Closet has had on so many people in the community has been truly inspiring. Comm, reflected on God’s Closet coming to the East Wenatchee Church, “At Bible study, at our home, we realized we were being a self-centered group and that we needed to do more for others. Meanwhile, our previous pastor’s wife had heard about God’s Closet. She called me and said our group should work to put on God’s Closet at our church. That was the beginning. Fast-forward, and we are now serving at least 300 families four times a year.”

The organizers of God's Closet take joy knowing they're reaching so many people from the community. But there's another blessing, too. “It's so rewarding to see our Bible study group still active and invested with God’s Closet today," Comm said. "What better way to serve the Lord than to help His people in need?” 

Church members have prayed with many people from the community, and the efforts of God’s Closet have even resulted in two baptisms. The event has been an incredible demonstration of the positive impact a church family can have on their community when working effectively as a team. It has also been an outstanding outreach program for spreading God’s word to those who need His love during these trying times.

"We ask for prayers for more people in need from the community to continue to come and receive clothes and be introduced to the love of God! We thank you for your support!" said Comm.

Featured in: March/April 2022


Kasey Bais

Cascade Christian Academy writer and God's Closet volunteer