Clarkston Gardening VBS

August 31, 2021 | Church | Doris Bevins, Matthew Vixie

Clarkston Church in Washington held a one-of-a-kind gardening Vacation Bible School this year. 

With COVID-19 regulations they organized an outdoor event complete with a port-a-potty and sink. Church family volunteers built four raised garden beds complete with a sturdy wire fence, gate and scarecrow. Next, they put together a large tent-like structure with tables and chairs.

With no script to follow, they made their own plans. They met with the VBS children for two hours every week for five weeks. This ensured the kids could see the plants grow. 

Leaders wore t-shirts reading, “Come, Grow With Us.” Gardening songs were followed with inspirational talks by our pastor. The kids then planted the seeds, watered, weeded, transplanted, made sprouts and learned the value of each plant and how it could be preserved. 

Even the snacks matched each day’s topic. On the days they planted seeds, snacks were made of sunflower seeds, popcorn and chia seed pudding. Sprout sandwiches, salad and more were served on other days. Kids ate them with enthusiasm — much to the amazement of the adults! 

Nearly 50 students attended and each were given cards with memory verses on them. Games included running to four different stations, resisting the memory verse and getting a new verse at each station to add to their collection. 

Everyone met for one last get together; they enjoyed a meal made out of all of the harvested vegetables. The closing program was loved by kids and parents. One dad who stayed through the programs said how totally thrilled he was with all he saw. 

Each child was given a beautifully illustrated Bible as a parting gift. The Clarkston Church hopes all will join in prayer for each child. Pray the children will continue to grow plants as well as to grow spiritually.