The Hands of God Touch More Patients

June 24, 2021 | Health | C.J. Anderson

The coronavirus pandemic has been particularly difficult for the people on the front lines of health care. Even during the pressures of this past year, more Oregonians than ever are receiving care from Adventist Health Portland providers and staff dedicated to serving as God’s healing hands.

Growing a Family of Care

The Adventist Health Women’s Clinic opened in March 2021, bringing a full range of women’s health services to the main southeast Portland campus. The clinic offers maternity care, gynecology and urogynecology surgery. It also offers maternal-fetal medicine thanks to the OHSU Health partnership.

“My life has been shaped by many great women, so I understand that women make the world go ’round,” explained Bo Malmin, one of the clinic’s OB-GYNs, who was himself born at Adventist Health Portland. “I want to ensure my patients feel healthy and able to lead their lives to the fullest.”

Spreading the Mission

The partnership with OHSU Health has connected the Adventist Health mission to more patients in many more ways, including through an innovative patient transfer center. The center manages inpatient capacity and is able to quickly and efficiently transfer patients. More than 1,700 patients have been transferred to Adventist Health Portland since the program began in 2017.

Patients have also benefited from Adventist Health’s growing virtual visit offerings. A positive effect of the pandemic, virtual visits use videoconferencing to connect people with primary, urgent and even specialty care from home.

Whole-person care and support is going virtual as well. Adventist Health Portland continues connecting with community members through virtual classes and support groups. From heart-healthy diet and exercise webinars to a six-week grief support group, community is growing through new virtual opportunities. Additional virtual support groups are planned to meet the needs of people experiencing burnout, divorce or the loss of a loved one due to suicide.

The Hospital Comes Home

With Adventist Health’s new Hospital@Home program, patients will get the latest hospital technology and real-time monitoring where they’re most comfortable. A team sets up a temporary virtual hospital unit in the patient’s home, if the patient and home meet certain criteria. Patients diagnosed with heart failure, pneumonia, COPD, cellulitis, asthma or a urinary tract infection benefit most from the Hostpital@Home program.

A Heart for the Entire Willamette Valley

People from all over the Willamette Valley had drive-through access to the COVID-19 vaccine at a Portland International Airport economy lot. Adventist Health Portland supported OHSU’s efforts at this site by donating supplies and providing staff, many of whom volunteered to help.

Patients farther south have appreciated Adventist Health Portland providing a Northwest Regional Heart & Vascular location in McMinnville, Oregon. Specialists in cardiology and electrophysiology provide diagnosis and treatment in a location convenient for the southern Willamette Valley and the central Oregon coast.

Beyond the Pandemic

As COVID-19 cases and deaths decline and the number of those vaccinated increase, Adventist Health Portland joins with church members around the Northwest in praying the for the end of the pandemic.

“While this past year has had its share of tough times, what stands out for me is how our providers and staff have lived our mission like never before,” said Kyle King, Adventist Health Portland president.

Every day, Adventist Health is bringing hope to communities across the West Coast and in Hawaii. In Oregon, that includes offering more patients a wider range of care served with God’s love always in focus.