FoundationONE Acquires Two New Named Scholarships!

March 15, 2021 | Education

In addition to its general scholarship program, FoundationONE is blessed to have several named scholarship funds. These funds are established in honor of, or in memory of, an individual, group or organization. Recently, two donors stepped forward to create new named scholarships.

Londa (Slawson) Raines Memorial Scholarship

The Londa (Slawson) Raines Scholarship was initiated by Larry and Linda Slawson, Londa’s brother and sister-in-law. “Four generations of Slawsons have been educated in Adventist schools,” they say, “and we would like to help other students experience the opportunity for lifelong friendships, top-notch education and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Raines graduated from Milo Adventist Academy in 1974 then attended Walla Walla College, where she earned an associate’s degree in office administration. At Walla Walla, her roommate was Linda Emick. Larry’s roommates were Scott Raines and John Lowry. As it turned out, the Slawson siblings all ended up swapping roommates — Larry married Linda, Sheryl married John, and Londa married Scott.

Londa Raines enjoyed music. She and Scott sang many duets and performed with numerous choirs and musical groups over the years. She is well-known throughout the NPUC, as she worked many years at the Upper Columbia Conference office, Camp Mivoden and the North Pacific Union Conference office.

Raines is remembered as a supportive friend. She also packed a lot of attitude in her petite frame. Along with words of encouragement, she sometimes shared words of counsel. More than one of her bosses over the years insisted they were not her boss — she was theirs.

Her feisty personality would prove useful in later years. It helped her fight cancer twice — first putting breast cancer into remission for five years and then surviving stage 4 terminal cancer for 20 months. During her long battle, Raines expressed her strong faith as “sky high!” and proclaimed “I believe!" On Saturday, July 13, 2013, she went to her rest.

The Londa (Slawson) Raines Memorial Scholarship will assist Upper Columbia Academy students who need financial assistance and is limited to those who participate in UCA’s vocal music programs. Larry and Linda Slawson invite family, friends and work colleagues to join them in growing Londa Raines’ fund. “Together,” they say, “we can help many, many students get a great education and develop a personal relationship with Jesus.”

The Leadbetter Family Scholarship

The new Leadbetter Family Scholarship was created by Ray Leadbetter, a 1954 graduate of Upper Columbia Academy. The Leadbetter family story is one of hardship and tragedy. Nevertheless, Ray and his family have left their mark.

Ray Leadbetter’s father, Cecil, lost his mother when he was 3 years old. Following her death, Cecil and his infant brother went to live at a foster home. The young Leadbetter children were taunted and abused by the older children, but they endured.

Cecil eventually married Frances, and the couple had three sons. Ray was their second child. When Ray was 5 years old, Cecil was killed in an automobile accident. His young widow did her very best to meet the needs of her three growing boys, but the Great Depression was raging. It was all she could do to keep food on the table.

Eventually, Ray’s mother remarried and had two more children. When her second marriage broke up, Frances moved her family to Colville, Washington, to be close to relatives. At the time of the move, Ray was 12 years old. He attended the local Colville public high school for grades nine through 11.

One day an UCA faculty member visited the Colville Church and talked about UCA. Ray decided UCA was the place for him. That summer he got a job, but at the end of the summer the farmer paid him only $80 — not nearly enough to enroll at UCA. What a disappointment!

Nevertheless, Ray was determined to enroll. He worked two jobs that school year — in the maintenance department and as a monitor in the dormitory. With God’s blessing Ray was able to pay his school bill. “Going to UCA was a life-changing experience,” he says, “UCA pointed me in the direction of a fulfilling life of service.”

Following college, Ray taught history and English at Auburn Academy for eight years. Then he transferred to Andrews University in Michigan, where he served 33 years. Ray retired as a full professor in 2000.

“I can never forget,” he says. That’s why in 2020 — 66 years after graduating from UCA — Ray felt compelled to establish a named scholarship to benefit UCA students. The new Leadbetter Family Scholarship is for UCA students who excel history, English or music performance and who maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Family and friends who wish to support either of these scholarships may send a check to FoundationONE, P.O. Box 744, Post Falls, ID 83877 or donate at A notification of every gift will be sent to the appropriate fund agent.

FoundationONE exists to connect people who care with students who desire a Christian education. For more information about this lay-led group, go to or call 509-939-1716.