Thirty-Five Days To Good Health Comes To Oroville

January 14, 2020 | Church | Marie Dahl

The Oroville (Wash.) Church members recently hosted a 35 Days to Good Health program. This four-day event stressed the importance of the laws of health and our mission as members to combine the health message with the Three Angels' Messages — first, of course, by teaching the church members how to obtain a healthy lifestyle themselves.

A group of close to 50 Okanogan County Adventist church members and friends showed up for this program, which is a training class for healthy living and preparation for a sharing of that knowledge to the community in the near future.

If you have ever wished you could enroll yourself or a loved one into a lifestyle center to improve health but been unable to afford the time or cost, this is your chance. In this four-day event, using Bernard Beale’s book, You Can Have a New Life in 35 Days, you can make your home into a personal lifestyle center while you learn the principles of health and healthy living. You may do this in 35 days, or at your own pace, but be sure to advance!

Bernard’s engaging personality and Angela’s delicious recipes and informative cooking demonstrations delighted everyone who attended. They also visited the area church schools and gave a presentation to the children, who participated enthusiastically.

On the fourth day, there was a Walk/Run Challenge. Awards for 1 mile, 3 miles and 5 miles were handed out after a delicious lunch of hot pumpkin soup served with whole wheat rolls.

The aftereffects of this presentation are still unfolding. Fresh testimonies of improved health are being shared by those who have continued in the 35-day program. You CAN change your life in 35 days or however long it takes you to take on the challenge of aligning yourself with the laws of health. God speed you on your journey!

It is hoped that the Beales will return in the spring of 2020 for a regional community outreach program.