Gleaner Editor Announces Retirement

Steve Vistaunet, North Pacific Union Conference (NPUC) assistant to the president for communication and Gleaner editor, has announced he will retire Dec. 1, 2019.

Vistaunet has headed the NPUC communication department since 1997, adding the role of Gleaner editor upon the retirement of Richard Dower in 2008.  

A graduate of Pacific Union College with degrees in theology and communication, Vistaunet interned at Glendale Adventist Medical Center and then served as general manager of the Pacific Union College radio station for 13 years before coming to the Northwest to join the Positive Life Radio network as manager.

Since taking over the NPUC communication department, he has transformed the Gleaner from a biweekly, 32-page, predominantly black-and-white magazine to a four-color monthly, and now bimonthly, 64-page publication. Throughout that process Vistaunet pioneered the push for digital communication in Adventism, leading new web-based Gleaner delivery and weekly e-newsletter content. He has expanded the Gleaner to become not just a magazine but a standout brand on multiple levels that Northwest members count on for news and inspiration.

During his tenure, Vistaunet has served with three NPUC presidents: Jere Patzer, Max Torkelsen II and John Freedman. As assistant to the president, he has productively worked with a variety of Northwest leaders to help them accomplish their mission and calling.

“Steve has served the NPUC for many years with distinction,” says John Freedman, NPUC president. “He's well respected throughout the North American Division and especially within our union. I'll miss Steve's advice, wisdom and focus on Christ as he has served as assistant to the president. Steve is an excellent writer and editor. His drive for excellence and working as part of a team is greatly appreciated and valued. He will be greatly missed. Steve has finished well.”

Vistaunet's accomplishments within the realm of Adventist communication have been recognized numerous times. Under his direction, the NPUC communication team has garnered multiple awards from the Society of Adventist Communicators. They were also awarded the 2017 North American Division Excellence in Ministry Award.

“I’ve been so blessed to work with an amazing team of colleagues around the Northwest and beyond these past couple decades,” Vistaunet says. “What a privilege to be part of this mission-driven community and to have had this opportunity to share stories of God’s work in our midst.”

Vistaunet and his wife, Cassie, have four grown children scattered across the United States. They plan to remain in the greater Portland-Vancouver area for the foreseeable future.

The NPUC executive committee plans to meet well before its regularly scheduled meeting on Aug. 21, 2019, to select and vote on an experienced replacement.