UCA Families Walk by Faith for Adventist Education

October 25, 2016 | Eric Johnson

"We want our son/daughter at UCA. We are just not sure how we can swing it financially." It is a phrase we hear almost every year at Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) in Spangle, Wash. Many families realize the importance of Adventist education but are not sure how they can handle it financially.

This year, UCA had 17 students who wanted to attend but needed a financial miracle to make it happen. UCA’s administration met and decided to step out in faith and tell each of these students to plan to come to registration and that God would provide the necessary funding. “Sometimes God just wants us to step out of our comfort zone and walk by faith and not by sight,” says Pamela Backman, UCA’s business manager.

Hearing how successful Linnea Torkelsen’s Facebook post was in helping raise money for students the previous year, we decided to establish a GoFundMe page to let people know the needs. We only had a week to raise $57,000 but we knew all things are possible with God.

UCA faculty and staff were the first ones to accept the challenge and sacrificially give. Soon after, parents, alumni, friends and conference administration joined the cause. The school posted daily updates as the campaign progressed. The excitement continued to build throughout the week as each day saw more and more individuals stepping up to the challenge.

By the time registration day arrived, we were $7,000 short of our goal. Within hours, we surpassed our goal by $2,000.

Through God’s grace, we were able to raise $59,000 in one week to help these 17 students obtain an Adventist education at Upper Columbia Academy.

Do you know a student who should be at UCA? Email us at info@ucaa.org or visit us online at www.ucaa.org.

God is longing to show up and bless our schools in amazing ways. Sometimes He just wants us to take the first step of faith and trust that He will provide.

Eric Johnson, UCA vice principal for development and alumni relations