Native American Camp Meeting Held in Poplar

August 23, 2016 | Gary Marsh

Native Camp Meeting was held in Poplar this year. About 60 adults attended the meetings on Sabbath, and 12 children met with Kevin McDaniel. We were privileged to have the Greet the Dawn auditorium, located at Fort Peck Community College.

Steve Huey was the featured speaker for the weekend meetings. For his topic, “Pressing Together,” he used one of the quilts Marla Marsh is making as part of his illustration of how things come together.

We also had the pleasure of having Monte Church and Bruce Twing with us. Church gave a report of the Native work, and Twing helped provide the music. Other musicians were welcomed as well, including Norman Johnson on the guitar and our conference president on the saw.

One of the highlights of the weekend was having Church visit inmates at the adult jail in Poplar. Gary Marsh has been showing the Native New Day DVDs to the inmates for almost a year, and it was a blessing to the men and women in the jail to meet Church in person. Twing provided some music, Church shared a short message, and we were blessed with the presence of Huey and McDaniel.