Montana Men’s Summit Inspires

December 16, 2015 | Leo Beardsley

The 2015 Montana Men’s Summit was convened on the last weekend in September, as always, at Mount Ellis Academy just east of Bozeman. The message presented by Minner Labrador from the Southwestern Union was timely and inspiring.

Labrador presented the biblical view of a God who is not only a gentle, loving shepherd but a warrior with fire in His eyes, according to Revelation. He is a God who is passionate about justice and defending His children. 

Attendees were challenged to be God’s uncompromising, totally dedicated warriors, fathers and husbands. The statistics indicating that, as dad goes, so goes the family are astounding.

The Mount Ellis ski area provided an ideal setting in which to contemplate a powerful Creator.

The food was good as always and the accommodations comfortable.

Song services were accompanied by four or five guitars, plus a saw played by Merlin Knowles, Montana Conference president. A theme song for the weekend was composed by Dan Clark. 

Clark also performed several original pieces as special numbers, as did Norm Johnson, Havre Church pastor. The Montana Men’s Chorus performed Sabbath evening.

Those who did not attend missed a tremendous blessing. The message, the fellowship, the music and the setting were outstanding. 

Montana men are looking forward to the 2016 summit with Lincoln Steed, Liberty Magazine editor, as their speaker. Plan now to attend, be a blessing and be blessed.