Christmas in My Heart, Vol. 24, by Joe Wheeler

The name Joe Wheeler has become synonymous with stories. More specifically, with Christmas stories, lots of Christmas stories. And Kleenex. Lots of Kleenex.

Drawing from his extensive story collection, the new Christmas in My Heart is the next book in a series that happened almost by accident. When acquisitions editor Penny Webster asked Joe what he’d been working on, Joe’s casual response was, “Oh, I’ve recently written a couple of Christmas stories. You know, Christ-centered, rather than Santa Claus-centered.” That was 24 years ago. And the rest, as they say, is history.

James Dobson calls Joe “America’s Keeper of the Story.” Joe describes it as a calling to a story ministry. “Our task is not an easy one,” he says. “Out of untold thousands of stories about Christmas, where can we go to find the precious few that so incorporate the spiritual dimensions of Christmas into the storylines that they revolutionize all that we do, say or think? That is our ever-daunting task.”

Joe Wheeler has been published by 12 publishing houses, and Christmas in My Heart, Vol. 24, is his 76th story anthology and his 91st book. His other series include Great Stories Remembered, Heart to Heart, The Good Lord Made Them All and the newest, My Favorite Stories.

Read a story from Christmas in My Heart.

Published by Pacific Press Publishing Association

ISBN: 978-0-8163-57802

Price: $9.99 through end of December 2015.

Available: Adventist Book Center, and 800-765-6955

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Featured in: December 2015


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