Cowboy Camp Meeting Attended by Many

September 04, 2014 | Cherelyn Strickland

Every Fourth of July horse lovers and friends from Canada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and California gather for Adventist Horseman's Association (AHA) camp meeting under a big tent out in God’s second book, nature. This year, camp meeting was held at Mount Adams Horse Camp, with its beautiful view of the mountain.

Campers (and those who came just for Sabbath) enjoyed Bible worker Joel Hayward’s morning devotionals. He spoke on the selflessness of God and how we must take on that same nature. In the evenings and on Sabbath, Monte Church, North Pacific Union Conference native ministries director, told how God is working with Native Americans and brought out wonderful lessons for all.

This year there were three baptisms after the worship service on Sabbath. Everyone walked down to the horse trough and witnessed as each of the youth were baptized.

This was a wonderful time with lots of singing, horseback riding on the beautiful trails, friends and plenty of wild strawberries to eat. The five days included scheduled activities such as an auction, talent show, a five-mile trail challenge judging how well horse and rider accomplish certain events, and more. In the past, there has been Dutch oven cooking demos, horse-training clinics, and kids’ days with different events for kids and their horses to accomplish.

It was great to hear Barbara Weber’s story of how she and her late husband would always camp somewhere around Mount Adams on the July Fourth holiday. She planned to go by herself this year, just for the memories. But when she saw the announcement in the Gleaner telling of the upcoming Cowboy Camp Meeting, she was relieved and happy to realize she would be surrounded by “family” if she came for the first time. Her actual family bought her a stick horse so she would fit in.

Next year the camp meeting will be held at Tamarack Springs near Ellensburg, Wash., June 30–July 4. Anyone is welcome, Adventist or non-Adventist, camper or a day visitor, or horse owner or stick-horse owner.

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