Palisades Seventh Graders on Secret Mission Showing God's Love

May 01, 2012 | Stephanie Gates

The seventh-grade Bible class of Palisades Christian Academy (Spokane, Wash.) went on a secret mission for God during Valentine's week in February. After studying about getting to know who God is and how much He loves them, students began a mission to let every student at the school know of this love.

Each seventh grader cut out hearts that said, "I love you, God." They added chocolate hearts and then secretly placed each in lockers or on desks until every student had received a gift from God. "It was so much fun! I loved the sneaking around, not telling anyone, almost getting caught but moving at the last second," says Ellie Springer.

This act of giving helped students realize the value of doing something for someone, even if it was done in secret. Hanna Williams says, "As I was passing them out, I thought, 'It’s gonna make their day, and I am doing a good deed or something nice for someone else.'"

Although they desired to bring joy to others, the students also felt good inside themselves. "I felt good inside because I was giving stuff away," says Dylan Cave. Several other students commented that it was fun to show God’s love even if God hadn't placed the items Himself but was working through them to spread His desire that all know He loves them.

As they spread God's love around, the students learned valuable lessons that they didn’t expect, including this mission could make them closer as a class. "What I found was the thrill and joy of the surprise," says Tyler Denman. "It helped us as friends to work together as a team and bond with our friends."

After the success of the project, Thomas Ewert suggested that the class do this sort of activity more often throughout the school year.