Spray's Newest Outreach

Located in the quiet little town of Spray in Eastern Oregon, where deer roam the streets, is a little Adventist Church — the only one in the whole county. Their numbers are few, only seven, but their enthusiasm is great for the Lord's work. In the last few years, they have covered the little town with many Adventist books and literature, held a Revelation seminar, held vegan cooking classes, and sent a missionary couple to the Navajo reservation in Arizona to build a Sabbath school room. They especially like doing whatever they can to help the elderly in the community who can't maintain their homes by making sure their electrical, plumbing and other needed repairs are taken care of for them. Because the cost is prohibitive for the elderly to hire repairmen from Bend, Ore., to come more than 130 miles to do their work for them, they depend on help from the Adventist church.

Another outreach is loaning sermon videos by Stephen Bohr and others to those interested in the Word of God, taking time to discuss the Bible with those who are seeking Bible answers to their questions, and giving books and lessons on prophecy if requested. Their endeavors have resulted in a Catholic lady attending the Spray Church for nine years until she had to move away. A Mormon couple have been attending the last couple of years. They too have watched Bohr's videos and have never heard the Bible explained so clearly. Their questions are many, and they have given up the Mormon Church. They love the Adventist people there.

Now the church is reaching out even further to the many people in their community of 130 with major health problems. Church members are trying to help them with their health by showing them how to live and eat healthfully. They are establishing a Lending Health Library in a little room in their church, featuring Vibrant Life magazines and books on healthful lifestyles, causes of disease, vegan cooking, herbs and natural remedies, as well as videos, CDs, cassettes and DVDs on health. The community is very interested in getting well and healthy, but they just don't know what to do. They are asking to be shown the way and marvel at the church members' good health at their ages.

The Spray Church welcomes contributions of health books and materials to add to their library.

Featured in: February 2012