Kalispell Station Moves to Church

Flathead Adventist Radio (FAR) moved from a rented county location to the Kalispell (Mont.) Church, allowing the station to offer local programming as well as 3ABN broadcasting to a potential audience of nearly 30,000.

The three-year undertaking culminated on Nov. 2, 2011, as Grant Buehler and Mark Bowman II, Kalispell Church members, dismantled the antenna and prepared to move it to the church, where its tower replaced the steeple.

The plan to move the antenna and expand KANB-FM's broadcast began when Flathead County commissioners notified FAR of their plans to demolish the building where the antenna was located. Many members had desired to have facilities to conduct their own broadcasting and not just run programs remotely. They found that as the Lord closed the door on their location, He opened another by triggering the opportunity to move the radio station to the Kalispell Church, a more central location in the Flathead Valley with a higher elevation, increasing the station's range.

The task was not easy and included dealing with government and state agencies, which created its own frustrations. However, the new tower and antenna are now in place and broadcasting.

Members are looking forward to implementing local programming and are excited at the prospect of spreading the gospel to an ever-increasing number of listeners.

Featured in: February 2012