Abundance of Outreach At the Northport Church

The Northport (Wash.) Church reached the community with a variety of programs and innovative ideas this past year.

A natural remedies workshop held in August included a three-hour presentation on hydrotherapy and other natural remedies that can be administered at home. The following week, a series called Healing the Heart spoke to God's power for emotional healing.

These seminars were followed by 10 weeks of Open 7, a concept of opening the church doors at 7 p.m., seven days a week, to present topics ranging from prayer and Bible study to health and family time. Another outreach, the women's tea party, brought 26 visitors this year.

And in another extension of Northport's outreach, the church is remodeling a neighboring house to serve as a community services location. The church's community services distributed 6,477 articles of clothing and served 1,646 vegan meals this past year.

Featured in: February 2012