UCA Seniors Learn Personal Finance Principal and Business Manager Take a Turn at Teaching

July 01, 2011 | Joe Hess

Troy Patzer, Upper Columbia Academy principal and Debbie Nelson, vice principal for finance, added part-time teacher to their job description this past spring. Patzer who has a Master of Business Administration and Nelson who has a degree in Business Administration Management taught the personal finance section of the senior Bible class.

The senior Bible class has always been referred to as Facing Life. Throughout the year the class goes over many situations that that the students will begin to experience in life when they graduate from academy. UCA felt that incorporating personal finance into the curriculum would be a huge asset to the students.

Between Bible teacher, Elder Sid Hardy leaving to finish up a Master’s degree at Andrew’s University and the practical business experience that both Patzer and Nelson have, it was something that came together and gave the students a chance to get one step ahead on managing finances while in college and beyond. “It is an area that Debbie and I are passionate about and students need a counsel outside the norms of the world. That is why we felt personal finance was such an important topic to teach,” says Patzer.

The personal finance unit was centered on Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace School Curriculum. They covered banking, budgeting, investing, credit and loans, bankruptcy and taxes. Five guest speakers came into to the classroom to talk on various topics including stewardship which was covered by Upper Columbia Conference president Bob Folkenberg Jr.

Both Patzer and Nelson enjoyed their teaching experience, but plan to stick to their current jobs. UCA does plan to continue teaching personal finance in Senior Bible.