Community Welcomes Post Falls Church Health Outreach

Post Falls folks heartily received the health and vegetarian cooking classes in a row sponsored by the Post Falls Church in Post Falls, Idaho. Sixty-five people attended the Live Vegetarian Cooking Show presented by celebrity chef Mark Anthony of Three ABN on Nov. 1, 2010. The show featured an appetizing Southwestern vegan cuisine. The dynamic chef painted a picture of Jesus using his bare fingers while blindfolded to the amazement and delight of the audience.

Meanwhile 35 health enthusiasts came to the nutrition and health seminar on Dec. 5, 2010, conducted by Jim and Neva Brackett, authors of Seven Secrets to Health. Jim discussed major health concerns and issues, such as cancer prevention, reversing diabetes and gluten intolerance. Neva showed how to make healthy and tasty recipes. Then the participants enjoyed a vegetarian meal that church members helped prepare.

According to Allen Branson, Bible work coordinator, “The response of the community is overwhelming and very encouraging. Earlier we submitted an application to put a poster at the Wal-Mart bulletin board and distribute fliers at the store. It caught the attention of the head of the customer service department and she got excited about it and told her employees to come. She and her husband attended both seminars. A restaurant owner, who is diabetic, wants to add vegetarian options in his menu.

“We used multimedia to spread the word about the seminars with radio and newspaper announcements, in addition to distributing the fliers at Wal-Mart but we got the most response from the fliers. We are grateful for our church members, who stood out in the cold and rain to invite the community," Branson adds. “The Post Falls Church has lined up various events for the community in 2011. And with such a supportive mission-minded church family, we believe we will be able to meet the many needs in this area. And eventually lead them to the ultimate source of health and happiness — Jesus Christ."

Featured in: March 2011