WWVA Mission Trip to Peru

July 01, 2010 | Daniel Perrin

This past March, more than 20 Walla Walla Valley Academy students traveled to Iquitos, Peru, the largest city in the world with no roads leading to it. The trip focused on evangelism, health presentations and children's ministries.

Several hours each evening were spent with children in what was aptly labeled "mosquito alley." A mile before reaching the destination, tiny children jumped on the back of the bus or ran along beside — with more joining each night. In a one-room, unadorned Seventh-day Adventist Church, comfort zones were sometimes invaded as students took unfamiliar leadership roles, became up-front people, bridged language barriers and communicated the Gospel.

One student told how nervous she had been as they drove to the church the first night. She wondered if she was the right person to be telling people about Jesus. As she prayed silently on the bus, God led her to think, "I'm not just telling stories or just putting felts on a board." She realized that no matter how insignificant her task, she was becoming the love of God.

During the day, students visited public and Adventist schools around the city and gave health and Bible presentations. On the next-to-last day in Iquitos, students visited a special-needs school run by the city where they shared about Jesus and the Gospel. WWVA students’ energy was low, and because of the local students' special needs, the audience was difficult to engage. At one point, WWVA students told and acted out the story of Daniel in the lions' den. What they didn't see was a boy and girl, not from the school, had climbed the exterior courtyard wall and were perched on top. They listened intently to the stories and songs, and laughed as the students played up the dramatically exaggerated characters with facial expressions, actions and theatrical voices.

Those children on the wall reminded all God's plans are mightier than our expectations. When we feel God's message is limited, it is taking an unmarked road to the back door of a home we do not see. If we feel our task is insignificant, we must still be faithful because God is at work through us at all times.

WWVA students returned with a deeper commitment to share the Gospel at all times and with all people, whether far or near. They experienced the breadth of the worldwide family of God, the depth of the needs in that family, and the scope and power of the Gospel.