A Birthday Party For Jesus! Anchor Point's Christmas Gift

Anchor Point Church in Hermiston, Ore., annually celebrates Jesus' incarnation with a birthday party including special gifts toward local needs.

This year, Anchor Point decided on two worthy projects. Members heard a report from Jim Williams, Anchor Point Food Bank director, that they were unable to provide Thanksgiving dinner boxes to the families they serve. There would likely be a shortfall at Christmas. So members decided to give to the food bank to help needy families.

With this encouragement, Williams and his crew not only distributed full Christmas dinners to more than 60 appreciative families, but passed an extra $500 toward the second Anchor Point project — helping Hermiston High School students.

When members heard more than 50 of these high school students were homeless, they donated more than $1,000 to an anonymous effort, providing these homeless students with much needed basic clothing and other essential articles.

Featured in: February 2010