Baptism Becomes Witnessing Opportunity

When 11-year-old Beth Ann Dobson came to live in Northport, Wash., last fall she didn't know what was in store for her life. She only came to spend six months with her great aunt and uncle due to family difficulties.

Soon Dobson began to enjoy the country lifestyle and fellowship with the Northport Adventist Church family. She began learning to be a young leader, even helping teach Cradle Roll and her junior/youth class. She put into practice training from the church's witnessing and evangelism seminars.

Not long after she began attending church with her great aunt, Dobson expressed a desire to be baptized. She began studies with Leon Anderson, Northport Church elder, despite discouragement from some family members.

During the last Bible study before baptism, a visiting acquaintance was present and listening. The topic was the state of the dead. This visiting young mother just experienced the death of her husband.

On May 23, nearly 80 people were present for Dobson's baptism including her mother and several visitors. After the program, Dobson generously gave one of her baptismal gifts, a copy of The Desire of Ages, to the visiting mother. Later, this mother shared she had been especially blessed by the Bible study, saying "Now, I know what to tell my three-year-old boy when he asks me, ‘Where is Daddy?'"

Meanwhile, Dobson would like to become a colporteur missionary and a pediatrician so she can be of service to others.

Featured in: October 2009