East Wenatchee Health Classes Draw a Crowd

Tantalizing aromas greeted each participant enrolled in the Live Longer, Live Better classes offered at the Valley View Adventist Church in East Wenatchee, Wash. From Jan. through Mar., Brenda Mandelis and a support team took 65 eager participants through 14 evening classes. Each class featured a full dinner, vegan recipes and cooking tips. Video lectures featuring Jim Brackett and other physicians taught health concepts.

The class had the pleasure of meeting Brackett and his wife, Neva, in person during one presentation. The Brackett's newest cookbook, Seven Secrets provided many of the recipes used during the classes.

Mandelis enjoys this positive outreach ministry. As she puts it, "Is there a better way to get to know people than sitting around the dinner table visiting with them? We have developed many personal relationships over the years by presenting health classes and the people keep coming back. Health programs presented in this way are a great way to connect your church with your community." Over half the participants were non-members.

She and her support staff have previously led C.H.I.P. programs. The next class is scheduled for Oct. For information, call Mandelis at (509) 888-2247.

Jim Anderson, pastor, is offering an eight-week series entitled What's the Connection? He will be teaching health principles derived from the book of Daniel as a follow up.

Featured in: July 2009