Men of Power Camp MiVoden Hosts Men's Retreat

Jim Hohnberger, a popular author and speaker, found himself morally confronting a major airline CEO recently. He shared his story with more than 120 attendees at the Men of Power—Upper Columbia Conference Men’s Retreat hosted at Camp MiVoden the weekend of Feb. 21.

Twenty-six years ago, Hohnberger became convinced pursuing the American dream was robbing his family of an authentic walk with God, so his family sold everything and set off for the Montana wilderness in search of an "Enoch experience.” The Hohnbergers set aside enough from the sale of their home to ration three years worth of living off the land. The Lord blessed and 26 years later they still live “50 miles from the nearest paved road,” near Glacier National Park, where Hohnberger says he and his family experience clarity and intimacy with God and nature.

Recently, while on a flight, Hohnberger became disgusted by culture’s portrayal of true manhood during an in-flight movie. He asked the stewardess and captain to please consider the children on board by putting on a more "family-friendly" movie. The flight captain said he wasn't authorized to change the movie, and Hohnberger would have to speak to the airline president after the flight.

When he phoned, the airline CEO’s secretary said, “You can’t just call up an airline president on the phone.”

But within seconds the president was on the phone, and over the next several minutes Hohnberger shared his life testimony.

As they hung up, the president responded, “Jim, I was raised that way too. When you fly home, you will have your family-friendly movie.”

When Hohnberger and his family flew home a couple weeks later they wondered if anything would really happen. Shortly after takeoff the voice of the flight captain came on and said, “We must have someone important on-board today because in place of our regular feature we have orders to show a family-friendly movie by special request.”

Stories about the influence and conviction which a man can experience if he is zealous for God highlighted the retreat.

Richie Brower, pastor-turned-organic-farmer, was also featured. Bruce Christensen played the guitar.

Summing up the Men’s Retreat, Tim Freund, an attendee, says: “…Anything is possible with God in your life.”

Brower adds, “I believe we stand at the turning of the tide. Now, more than ever, God needs men who will walk with Him every day and lead their families."

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Featured in: April 2009