New Desire of Ages Edition Makes an Impact Northwest Members Encouraged to Read It in 2007

One of the best New Year’s resolutions I have ever made was to read through the book, The Desire of Ages. A new edition of this devotional classic was mailed to every Northwest Adventist home in time for Christmas. And it’s better than ever since the references from the King James Version have been replaced with simply worded verses from the New King James Version.

The feedback we are receiving already clearly shows that I am not alone in my appreciation for this gift God has given us.

A young 20-something friend was attracted by the cover of this new edition lying on our end table at home. When I offered him a copy he promised to read it and got quite animated in describing to me how it could and should be marketed on a wider scale.

A nurse practitioner at the hospital where I received my recent chemotherapy treatments knew as soon as she began to read what an awesome book it was. She wanted to know where to purchase one as a Christmas gift for her son-in-law.

A senior citizen friend of ours commented, “I am so glad to get all the old ‘Thees and Thous’ out of the book!” She has sent a donation to help us toward sending a copy to each of the approximately 20,000 non-Adventist clergy in the Northwest by Easter.

A professor at Walla Walla College is so enthusiastic with the difference in readability that he intends to begin using it in one of his Bible classes.

I praise the Lord for this positive response.

With just two and half pages a day, you’ll be able to read this new edition through during 2007—and that includes more than 80 full pages of beautiful artwork from Darrel Tank. It’s a perfect fit for personal or family worship.

Personally I feel my need for a closer walk with Jesus. And I know no better way than spending time contemplating His life.

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