Bringing the Joy of Camp Back Home Families Learn How to Affirm a Child’s Decision for Baptism

December 01, 2006

Sunset Lake Camp is providing a new support network for parents of campers who want to prepare for baptism.

Summer camp is typically a high energy time, and often that energy decreases once a camper returns home. Fall Family Retreat in October allowed several families to experience together how to maintain that excitement for Jesus at home.

As one parent said, "My son used to ask me to tell him about Jesus, but recently he seemed to lose interest. This weekend has helped him to become more receptive to the gospel."

The program with camp songs, drama, a treasure hunt, a barn party, and cowboy campfire stories was more than just a fun time though.

“We wanted to teach families how to keep that summer camp experience alive all year,” said David Yeagley, youth director. “It’s important to provide resources to parents to help them support their child’s decision to accept Jesus Christ."