Lives Are Being Changed at AAA Baptisms 2004–05

August 01, 2005 | Jondelle McGhee

Lives are being changed at Auburn Adventist Academy (AAA). Last school year, 22 students committed their lives to Christ and were baptized. The transformation that took place in each person was a profound one. Though each conversion story is different, one thing binds them together: God is at work in their lives. These are two of their stories.

Lhamo had never felt the need for a personal relationship with God. It was only when the emptiness of her worldly life seemed unbearable that she decided to make a change. Lhamo began searching for a new school and soon found herself at AAA. Loving teachers, Christian friends, dorm worships, and Bible classes affected her deeply, and the feelings of emptiness began to disappear. The change in Lhamo was gradual. By the beginning of her senior year, she agreed to Bible studies with her teacher, Melissa Howell. The first Adventist in her family, Lhamo made a stand for her new faith and is overflowing with joy about her new walk with Jesus.

As a freshman at AAA, Andrew had considered baptism, yet something was holding him back. Influenced by family, teachers, and friends, he began seriously considering making his decision for Christ a public one. Andrew chose to be baptized while on a mission trip to Peru.

Auburn Adventist Academy is a place where young people are not only introduced to Jesus as their personal friend and savior, but mentored and loved as they search for answers to life’s great questions.