Butte Welcomes New Members

March 01, 2004 | Ruth Rosich

Alex Pasha, 11, publicly declared his decision to join the Butte (Mont.) Church on Nov. 22. He is the son of Rita and Steve Pasha who were baptized a few years ago by Orville Baer.

McKenzie Riddle was also baptized on Nov. 22. Jenny Hill opened her home and hot tub for the baptism, which took place on Saturday evening. Riddle, 10, desired most of all to share the day with "Grandpa" Glen Kenison, who was unable to attend due to illness. After the baptism, the Anaconda members gathered at Kenison's home and rejoiced in McKenzie’s decision with him. The following Monday night Glen passed away, but he died knowing of her commitment.

Frank Rosich, 89, has expressed his desire to once more become a member of the Butte Church and his membership was accepted on Nov. 29 on profession of faith. Besides his wife, Ruth, in attendance were his son and daughter-in-law Carl and Patricia Rosich of Lodi, Calif.