Richland Celebrates Children's Sabbath

February 01, 2004 | Anita Lebold

The Richland (Wash.) Church celebrated the value and importance of the children in their congregation by having a special Children's Sabbath. Members of the Pathfinder and Adventurer clubs and junior Sabbath School led song service, acted as deacons and provided special music.

The Richland Church has placed a strong emphasis on helping children develop their spiritual gifts by providing opportunities to participate in church services and ministries with adult mentors. Keeni Mitchell, children's ministries leader, provided an overview of the number of children and families involved in each of the children's ministries, including the children's Sabbath School department, the children's clubs and the growth in each. Particularly noted were the opportunities being developed to involve children in community outreach projects.

In his first sermon as interim pastor, Ed Gienger provided a message focused on the story of the Canaanite woman who pleaded with Jesus to save her daughter from demon-possession and explored how Jesus provides hope and healing for parents and children who have faith in Him.

The highlight of the service was the baptism of Brian Kostoff. Kostoff loves Jesus and has been attending the Richland Church all of his life. He worked very diligently to complete his baptismal studies so that he could be baptized before his 12th birthday. He told the congregation that he was almost a teenager and wanted to be ready to meet the challenges of his teenage years with a solid foundation in Jesus. It was a powerful testimony to the faith Kostoff has in Jesus and a reminder, as was the sermon, of Jesus' love and compassion for His children.